Feeding the Hungry

We Feed The Hungry


Open up just about any magazine, check your Facebook Page, even look on Pinterest and what topic is predominately present? The latest diet craze! For a lot of kids who attend Youth and Families for Christ events, that is not the issue. We feed about 520 different kids every week in our programs. We also package food in Ziploc bags to send home at the end of the programs.


For the kids we see, having something to eat is number one, on their list. We could name the numerous groups we minister to EVERY week, but you would probably quit reading before you got to the purpose of this post. We are asking you to listen to the tugging on your heart, and help us to cross out that need on their list.


Next time you are at the grocery store and there is a great sale or your are making a meal for your family think of those kids who are not blessed with more than enough to eat.  We are here to accept your donations Monday through Friday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm and look foward to seeing you as you experience the blessing of helping those in need. If you would like to provide a meal or part of a meal for one of our groups, you can call 402-564-3700 to get your name on the list of providers.

Have Food...Kids will come:


Approximately 520 kids weekly


Every day:

O.S.S. (Out of school Suspension) Kids: We have students using our YFFC facility while continuing as a student of their school (last chance to Graduate)occasionally have extra Students at YFFC 3 or 5 days for behavior issues.  It’s pretty safe to say that none of them eat a breakfast. We have cereal (Thanks to some of you), just milk is needed. Many of them like donuts or breakfast bars. We offer orange juice and fruit when we have it.


Drop in Center-After School: Anything - chips, cookies, donuts and pop or Kool-Aid.


Monday-Friday Small Groups and Bible Studies:

30 Small groups for about 320 kids at CHS, CMS, LHS, LHS JV & YFFC Facility, We serve food to all of these groups; pop, water, sweets, reheated pizza, hot dogs, or any food that is available.

Tuesday noon: CHS Teen Moms – A healthy snack to compliment the school lunch – fruit roll ups, mini muffins, popcorn, fruit juice box, or bottled water.


Tuesdays and Thursdays:

After school - pick up 25 kids at CMS with Bus and take to Dodge Ball or Nerf War. We usually feed them on the bus on way back--donuts, cookies, etc.—and they love ‘em.


Tuesday GAPS: (Substance abuse or Alcohol Issues Teen Group)

Group For Adolescents Providing Support.

5:30 to 6:30 Tuesday - We serve a supper; hot dogs, sloppy joes, reheated pizza, goulash, nacho chips, and any other food we have available.


Wednesday CMS: Take two buses to pick up students afterschool and bring to YFFC. We serve pizza, KFC, hot dogs, donuts, cookies, and Kool-Aid or water.


Large Groups:

We have 3 night-time large groups: Lakeview, CMS, and LHSJV. Numbers vary from 20 to 50. We feed suppers: reheated pizza, Kentucky fried chicken, tacos, spaghetti, etc. We have a roster of people that have signed up to provide these meals. Nothing goes to waste as we save and reheat any left over for other groups or send home with kids.


Special Events-Teen Parents:   

Attended by teen parents and their children - Serve a meal...pizza, hot dogs, sloppy joes, other leftovers and sweets when available. And pop, water, or punch.


Every Saturday at the Madison Detention Center:

Averaging 22-25 kids each week for a Bible Study...serve donuts, cookies, breakfast bars, brownies, and for special celebrations...Mountain Dew.


These are our weekly events and doesn't include Purity Weekends, Stress & Anger Management, or Camp. Also not mentioned are the paper plates, bowls and cups, plastic forks and spoons that are used to feed the masses.


Perhaps you people know people who...

know people who know people that want to feed hungry kids...